The school is staffed by a highly dedicated group of people who strive to generate a strong sense of community and to provide quality catholic education for all the students. 


Principal Anthony Drill
Deputy Principal Anne Price 
Prep A Josie Kirby 
  Laura Taylor
Prep B  Annette Gauci 
  Carmela Vezzoso 
Prep C  Naomi Rennie

1A Jessica Torchia
1B Margot O’Malley
  Nicole Walsh
1C Gayle Fava
  Lisa-Marie Fiorenza
2A Melissa Evgeniadis
  Marisa Te
2B Kathryn Bassett
2C Nicole Williams
  Natasha Manger
3A Alicia Wilson
  Mariah Johansson
3B Karen Currie
3C Dubravka Zahtila
4A Natalie Enright
4B Cameron Menadue
4C Helen Power
  Carmela Vezzoso
5A Peter Carlisle
5B Belinda Bartolo
5C Michelle Mamone
6A Helen McColl
6B Suzanne Gracias
  Marija Woods
6C Loren O’Toole