The children enrolled in our school are predominantly catholic, with the remaining small number of enrolments from non-catholic backgrounds.


We currently have students from 24 different nationalities in the school, most of whom come from a LOTE background. More than 60% of children have contact with a second language at home.


The current class groupings are:

3 x Prep

3 x Year 1 classes

3 x Year 2 classes

3 x Year 3 classes

3 x Year 4 classes

3 x Year 5 classes

3 x Year 6 classes


Our Students wear a regular school uniform and a sports uniform.


Students with special needs have Individual Learning Plans and access to an integration aide to support them.


There is a buddy program that operates in the school.


A transition program operates between Queen of Peace and feeder kindergartens as well as between Year 6 and the Catholic Regional Secondary Colleges.