Queen of Peace is a large school where the staff endeavours to generate a strong sense of community and provide a high quality, catholic education for the students.


The students enrolled at Queen of Peace are predominantly catholic with the remaining small number belonging to diverse christian and non-christian denominations.


Mass is celebrated regularly which students attend on a rotational basis.


The Sacramental Program is both school and Parish based, with the R.E.C's from each school, the Pastoral Associate, a Representative from the Christian Brothers Society, and the Parish Sacrament Program Coordinator working together to continually develop a program that addresses the needs of our student and parent community.


Two Reflection Days for all students receiving the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation are held each year.


The school program follows the liturgical calendar and is based on the To Know Worship and Love

Program and used in conjunction with Melbourne Diocese RE Guidelines and form the basis of the RE curriculum. Liturgies for special events and non-liturgical celebrations form a regular part of the school’s religious education program.


The school conducts Parent Faith Development Seminars to complement Sacrament Information Evenings.