Queen of Peace Primary School is a catholic primary school - a function of the overall parish community of Laverton.


It is one of five schools within the Parish, under the leadership of Parish Priest Fr. John Healy


The parish run the following programs:

Visits to nursing homes and support for the needy and elderly
Grief support program


The Parish also has within its boundaries a society of Christian Brothers Doctrine “the Preca House Brothers” who also engage in pastoral work and in preparing government school children for the sacraments.


In 2004, the Parish appointed a Sacrament Program Coordinator who collaborated with the RECs from the parish schools as well as the Pastoral Associate and a representative from the Brothers’ Society to develop a Parish Sacrament Program and a parent faith development program.


The Knights of the Southern Cross and a chapter of St. Vincent de Paul Society also operate within our Parish boundaries


Parish Website


Stewardship Program