1 to 1 Device Information

2017 iPad App List

The primary purpose for having iPads in school is to be a learning tool. Any apps that could interfere with that learning should not be installed. Teachers reserve the right to delete any apps that contravene this purpose.


2017 iPad indication form.

Inappropriate apps for 13+ users must not be on ipads including Instagram Kik, Snapchat etc…

It's ok for Yr 5s to use an iPad in 2017 that's currently used by a brother or sister in Yr 6 in 2016 if it's an Air or Air 2 & if they don't need it any more. Minis are not suitable.
Any iPads like this are already setup for use on our network so there's no need to come in Jan 30th.
However iPads that have never been connected to the school's network, wifi, security etc... do need to be setup Jan 30th 2017 as explained in the letter given out Dec 8th. Here's a link to the letter. 
2017 iPad indication form

Refer to 

A parent has recommended:

OurPact – Parental Control and Screen Time Management app

OurPact is a breakthrough parental control app that enables parental involvement in children's device habits through Internet and application blocking. Our parental control solution allows parents to manage their child’s screen time at any time, and from anywhere. Enforcing bedtime, dinnertime, study time and family time throughout the day has never been easier. By pairing your family’s iPads, iPhones, and iPods to OurPact, you have the power to manage your entire family’s screen time & device use from one powerful application.

iPad Booklet 2017

On Jan 30th students in 2017 Yr 5 & anyone new to Queen of Peace in Yr 6 need to bring their iPad to the Art Room next to the Office so that the Computer Technicians can setup your wifi access, configure proxy settings, install a school printing app & install Zscaler Web filtering. All Yr 5 & 6 students are required to have Tech Support by Jan 28th so that the filtered Internet & access to Google Apps For Education is ready for the first day of classes. The technicians will not be installing any other apps. Students need to organise this themselves. Refer to the iPad Booklet & App List above.  

1 to 1 Device Information is published in conjunction with our ICT Policy

Students are to use Wifi only iPads. They are not to use 3G, 4G cellular iPads or mobile phone hotspots to bypass security.

iPad Orders

The address of the Centorrino Technologies (CT) / Queen of Peace iPad portal is
 www.ct.com.au/queenofpeace CT Support: 1300 852 110


The CT portal for iPad orders & Support is now closed for 2017 orders. Any orders placed after Nov 7th may not be delivered until after the school year starts.
The earlier orders are lodged the sooner stock can be reserved for you. The CT iPad Support costs will be included in Yr 5 2017 school fees. 
Those who ordered iPads through CT by Nov 7th should get them by the end of the 2016 school year.


iPad Covers

It is essential that all iPads are kept in a very sturdy cover that will withstand a drop onto carpet. If an iPad is in a flimsy cover the screen can crack costing you more than a sturdy cover. The Griffin Survivor All-Terrain case for iPad Air2 uses a foam-lined shatter resistant polycarbonate frame & is surrounded by impact absorbing silicone to protect against drops.

Little Sun also have a heavy duty case http://littlesun.com.au/goods.php?id=150  The school recently bought 


iPads must be labelled clearly with the child’s name & grade.


One of our parents has done a little research into insurance for an iPad brought from home. They discovered that for only a small extra payment per week it could be added to the Home Contents Insurance. If you are bringing your own iPad, not leasing one, please check with your Insurance company.

App Download Guide
You can find a download guide & tips on how to deal with iPad issues at


A video of a guide to downloading apps can be found at


Parents & students in Gr5/6 brining iPads to school must read & discuss the 

IPAD PROCEDURES & INFORMATION 2017 booklet. They must sign the iPad Responsible Use Agreement at the end of that booklet & return it to school.

A parent/student workshop is being planned for those who may like to learn more about using iPads & how to install & use recommended apps early in 1st Term 2017 . Check newsletters for details.

Family Sharing


Check out the following clip on how to set up the new Family Sharing Service built into iOS 8. It covers the rules concerning family sharing, how to set it up, what options are available, how to get people into your family share, and the various services family share sets up on your iOS device.

Guide to setup Family Sharing

Parents need to control the Apple ID. Record user names & passwords for the ID & the a/c used to set it up. Parents can give permission for new apps.



How to Backup an iPad.
Here's a video clip explaining it.

This video tutorial explains how to properly back up your iPad data, erase content and setting, and restore your iPad. It explains how to restore from a back as well. It covers both methods by showing you the iCloud way (iOS 5 or higher) and the traditional iTunes way.

Forgot a passcode for your iPad, (iPhone or iPod) or  a device is disabled

Follow these steps if you've forgotten your passcode, or if a message says that your device is disabled.

Restoring iPads